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A Collection of Fashionable Finds,Jewel Box Treasures,Exotic Art and Decadent Decor! Handmade Delights, Luxurious Shopping, Wonders from the China Cabinet and Secrets from behind the Wardrobe Door, Dramatic Books and Delicious Treats!. Read on to find out more...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

one hundred!

Well , this is my 100th Post! I can't believe I made it here already! It crept up so quickly I didn't really get to think about doing something special for it! We've been on a whirlwind trip through Melbourne today. I visited three beautiful stores ( unfortunately 2 without websites) Harem ( wondrous clothing and gorgeous trinkets and the colours just make you swoon!)and Douglas and Hope ( modern quilt, design and clothing heaven) and Zetta Florence ( stationary heaven!) on Brunswick st, Fitzroy! I took Drew to the Museum for a while and we did all the fun Kid stuff! He especially loved the sea creatures section and I found this beautiful site owned by Jewellery Designer Jade who also works in my town. Her pieces are beautiful, all hand done and all incorporating Vintage pieces, epecially buttons! One is above! This piece would be perfect for a Mermaid ... Swim over and pay her a visit! And we have just acquired some beautiful handstamped silver wrist cuffs ( some are floral, some have fish!) for Madame Butterfly too! Will put them in the Boutique very soon!
So that was my very watery and aqua green 100th! Thankyou to everyone who is visiting , reading and commenting! I am really enjoying your company and love visiting you all too!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Puppets, Arch Angels and Theatrical Sets!

Today I found something so inspirationally WOW that I just had to share it with all my lovely blog friends! KAT TILLEY, fashion designer extrordinaire, is from Belgium and I came across her site through Ullabenulla's fabulous Blog ( she's over there on my blogroll list, the newest edition!)!!! You must visit, there are beautifully designed sets, illustrations, her latest range ( pictured!), models poses in the most wonderful fairytale creations as Arch Angels! I need to go back and have a longer look! Wow, Kat Tilley, you've blown me away!

Monday, September 25, 2006

make sure you ...

LOOK BOTH WAYS ! This was the fantastic movie we watched last night after Drew finally went to sleep at about 10pm. If you haven't seen it, it's full of beautiful animations and paintings (one is above)and makes you think about the fact that we need to make the most of our lives now because we may not be here tomorrow! It also stars the most gorgeous William McInnes as photographer Nick and our favorite girl , Justine Clarke as artist Meryl. A must see Aussie Film!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Trees and things and flowers ...

A busy little weekend for us! Had Madame Butterfly things to do all day yesterday! We are busily getting ready all the wonderful things going into the October Issue and have acquired some beautiful new silver bracelets for the Boutique! I've started a new painting in Neapolitan Icecream Colours ( will show you soon! ). I've started another mini painting of a Tree and it's inhabitants for my friend Jen for her birthday! SSSShhh don't tell! She has been a fantastic support to me, encouraging me to get my Art out in to the big wide world! We've cooked Bolognaise and Drew helped to make a pita bread pizza for lunch, which was messy and fun! I also discovered these gorgeous stamp sets on the net, they are from Zakkaya in Melbourne!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bird Noises!

I've been away for a few days, so that explains the sounds of silence here! But I had fun, I've been to Melbourne to visit my sister and my new niece! Yesterday we had a ball in the city and visited lots of toys and kids book departments to keep Drew amused ( he got to bring a cuddly cookie monster home and a mini travel etch a sketch for car trips! ). We also had a wonderful walk through the revamped GPO building on Bourke! I know it has been finished for a long time, but I just hadn't had the chance to visit! It looks beautiful, it's full of beautiful designer stores, that we actually felt a little under dressed visiting and with prams, but any hoo! We ooohhh and aaahhhed over the Leona Edminston little girls dresses, had a peek in the fabulous Belinda store complete with an antler chandelier, loved the big buttons on the Mimco bags and especially loved exploring the Spacecraft store full of handmade screenprinted quilts and baby things ( sadly can't find a link to this one, but if you get the chance go!). The best part though was all the white bird cages hanging from the roof filled with canary's on display! Lovely bird noises to shop to!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Orange Galore!!!

Today I picked up my Madame Butterfly Flyers from the printers. They look great, are bright orange ( attention grabbing !) and I have so many of them!!! Now we just need to get them out and about everywhere! We've been thinking about doing all the major shopping strips in Melbourne to start off with and plonking piles of them in cafe's for curious people to pick up! We are also trying to think of places with notice boards and friendly places that might let us leave some with them! Has anyone got any suggestions on Flyer distribution???
I also printed my latest illustration onto bright orange paper ( above!) It's way too loud though and I need to find something a bit more subtle and autumn-ish!
And last night I came across Simone's blog by happy accident and fell in love with her Japanese Etching Pendants at her ETSY shop, have a squizz they are great!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Look what came in the mail!

Ashley G sent me this gorgeous print of one of her illustrations and it just arrived in the mail! It's called Party for One and it's printed on to canvas and I love it!!! It's my most favorite of her artworks! Sh is about to embark on a great adventure to the Renegade craft fair and I'm looking forward to her blog tales of her time there when she comes back! I wrote a feature on her in Madame Butterfly in the Creative Cabinet section and she sent me this as a thankyou! It will be framed and hung on my studio wall! I can look at it when I have my afternoon tea, my own little party for one!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I love these shoes!!!

Oh my God, how shiny, gorgeous and sexy are these shoes!!! They are described as "Old school glam a la Jessica Rabbit" I am in Love! And you all know how much I love Patent shoes! Only problem is they are incredibly high for someone who has hardly worn high heels since she had her son! And I haven't quite figured out how to order them from overseas yet! I can admire from here though and maybe choose something a bit more wearable like their fabulous Mary Jane's! Oh , they are from Fluevogs in the USA and called AUDREY Patents in Wine!

Madame Butterfly ... We Want YOU!

Happy Sunday Morning to All!
Just thought I'd let everyone know I'm having a competition at Madame Butterfly on the Afternoon Tea Page to win a MB Glamour Pack which will include some gorgeous goodies from the Boutique! We are looking for some interesting entries, so enter those crazy addictions now
before the end of the month!
I'm also putting the call out for Submissions for the site! We are looking for arty/crafty people to write us some fun and simple Tutorials for the Creative Cabinet. Have a peek at the one that is in the Sept Issue right now ... Project Paper Blossom ( pictured above)! We need a simple , clearly written, fun project ...it could be paper, sewing, arty, or any kind of craft with some great photos to show off of it being made and the finished product!
And we are looking for some budding writers to put pen to paper and write some interesting articles that wll appeal to women ( for Afternoon Tea!) or write a Review on something current you've seen, done or been to! For example a movie, music, a book, fashion show, a festival, an art or craft show ....????
Your Reward .... if we love it it will be published in the gallery and a little blurb about you will be included as well as links to your blog, shop,site !!!
Madame Butterfly is all about promoting Talented Real People and their wonderful works and ideas!
I'm looking forward to hearing from You ! Contact me at info@madamebutterflygallery.com.au

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Toy Delicious!!!!

So excited to see Carly's Blog lately! She is showing sneek peaks of all the Toys arriving for the Morphe II exhibition! I wish I could go to Adelaide to see it! There are some wonderful artists and crafters making toys for this one and they are from all over the world!!!
I love this postcard she has created to promote it too! Soooo Cute! Take a peek over at Nest Studio for more!

Friday, September 15, 2006

A little bit of Stationary never hurt anyone !!!

If you love stationary and gorgeous illustrations, then you'll love this site as much as I do!, Julianna's Illustrations and stationary are just divine! And her website is so much fun to explore too! Parlez- Vous is the place to click too!
And today I've rediscovered the site that I discovered my first Blog on ( which was Loobylu! )It's a site showcasing creative women who are making a living from their creative business and they are from all over the world. They're are some fabulous personalities in there, skip over to Another Girl at Play!!!
INSPIRE ME CREATIVE TIP OF TODAY... It's Pretty Pastels DAY! Inspired by Parlez Vous. So get out those pencils and paints and draw something whimsical and yummy or make a favorite person a gorgeous card to say Thanks or Happy Birthday or just because it's nice to send cards!
Here are some ideas ... lolliepops, a new party dress, some shoes, a handbag, a cup of tea or maybe a cake complete with candles!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Colour Your Life!

It amazes me how many people are still scared to bring some Colour into their homes! I walk into some many bland and beige living areas! And you don't have to paint! Just add some fabulous accessories! And there is so much out there to choose from at the moment! It's Decor Heaven! For me a splash of Colour brightens up my day, makes me feel happy and I'm always noticing beautiful intense colour wherever I go! It must be the artist in me. I love covering a canvas or board in a rich colour and I love to pick out paint colours for the next creation!
I wanted to share this fantastic site today! They have so many great ideas and homewares!
Colourique is a design team making wonderful creations, check out their site for more inspiration!
And there is a great little feature on adding a Colourful Collection to your home in the Creative Cabinet on Madame Butterfly! We've done a beachy/nature looking aqua theme based on the things in my house! I Love Aqua!!! What Colour do you love and collect or wear!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Funkiest of Finds!!!

Today, the wonderful Jessica from FUNKY FINDS wrote a fabulous blurb about the Madame Butterfly Gallery! We're very grateful and we love her Blog and I thought I would show her off here to all my excellent blog friends! She wrote about our Cute Bunny Radio and Our Desperate Housewives Collection of Wire Corset Jewellery Holders! Pictured Above and For Sale in the Boutique right now!
Jessica showcases a couple of new Designers, Crafters, Artists, Online Stores or Shops everyday on her Blog and I always find something fabulous and unique to see there! Pay her a visit today!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Birds of Paradise !!!

I came across this Divine photo in Sunday's newspaper of Hillary Swank with the most Wonderful hair! I just love it! It makes me want to draw more glamorous girls, with Big hair! She's signed a multi million dollar contract with Guerlain to be the face of their new Perfume called Insolence ! Strange name, but I'm intrigued to find out what it smells like!
Also had fun listening to another Divine being, Tori Amos while I created this new Collage... Bird Of Paradise for one of my visual diarys! It's quite a dark one for me, black background and all! It includes little embroidered flowers, threads, feathers,painted paper, tissue, lots of wonderful ripped paper of all kinds ... I love to use ripped paper and a fabulous Peacock print! I have been creating these diary's for quite a long time! They include favorite pictures I couldn't be parted with from magazines, cards and letters sent to me, stamps, movie and theatre tickets, beautiful wrappers and tags from products, ideas for paintings and projects, brochures and postcards from great places we've visited! I guess it's kind of Arty scrapbooking! It's my way of relaxing and making something fun to keep while watching the Teev! These diary's have become a record of my life and there are too many of them, but I love making them!
INSPIRE ME CREATIVE TIP OF TODAY ... Collect some things over the next few weeks from your everyday life...ie ... tickets, postcards, magazine pictures you love,gift cards, threads, buttons, a picture your child drew, feathers , paper, lolly wrappers ,a drawing you've made. And create a wonderful Collage Page or Book to celebrate Your September!

Monday, September 11, 2006

My new delicious whirlwind with paint!

I present to You.... Madame Butterfly! My latest Painting! And a very girly pretty one at that! I had a great time creating her! Originally she was just a black and white illustration ( and the logo for my business), but I decided she needed a splash of colour to bring her to life! So here she is, she will be available as a print soon in the Gallery too!
I've been thinking about the feature article I did on Ashley G in the Creative Cabinet in Madame Butterfly. She says she believes that what You are most happiest doing during Your childhood is what You will be most happiest doing for the rest of Your life! I think that statement has come true for me in many ways! When I was little
I loved to draw and paint! I loved sending things in the mail! I loved creating my own magazines! I loved creating beautiful rooms on paper by cutting and pasting things and furniture from magazines and catalogues ( my mum would draw me a big empty room to fill!) I loved to read and make things!I loved to make my own greeting cards! I loved to play in my Nan's sewing room and sew and sort all her buttons! I loved to visit art galleries and look at what others had created!
Amazingly I am still doing all of these things right now, in my life and business in some way! And I am Happy!
Revisit your childhood! What were you most happy doing? What are you doing now? Does it compare? Ask your parents what you loved to do when you were five! Do you need to make a few changes? Are you Happy? Write down or draw what you loved to do as a little one and discover if you still love doing it!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Madame Butterfly Gallery Magazine

oh my God, Girl!!! Stop playing with the toys at Flickr and go and do some real work! I actually had a lot of fun making this! I now have an official cover for Madame Butterfly's Launch Issue, September 2006!!!

Mahlie Mouse !

Originally uploaded by acoustitch.
Here's a very personal post for Sunday! Last week I became Aunty Shae! This was very exciting and I waited for my sister to do the Honours and post her Bub photos first ! And she has, So now I can show off my gorgeous niece Mahlie. It's so amazing how much she has changed in a week! I have already bought her a dress, I can finally buy girly clothes! Andrew is a little shy around her, but I am looking forward to the day when they can run around and play together! She already has a nickname too ... Mahlie Mouse!!!

Madame Butterfly Gallery Mosaic

Yes, I made another Mosaic! These Flickr toys are very addictive! These are some of the wonderful things fluttering around in the Madame Butterfly Gallery at the moment!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sing it loud!!!!!

Here's my silly Saturday Night Post! I was just over at Emily's Blog and she had made a funky cassette tape for her readers, so I decided to be a copycat and pass it on to all of You too! You can make your own here at the Cassette Generator Factory!!! It reminds me of the mid nineties, driving to uni in my Yellow Datsun 180b ( called Ernie!, I had an Ernie from Sesame St glued on the dashboard), singing at the top of my voice to tapes, blaring music out the window, the car full of art stuff and window dressing props and mannequin body parts on all the seats and in the boot! Oh what a sight that would have been to see! Ernie went to heaven after a crash unfortunately, he was a great car, I have very fond memories of him! My husband and I still have boxes of tapes in our shed, I must go treasure hunting out their tomorrow and see what rock n' roll wonderfulness I can find! I seem to recall an eclectic mix ...Pearl Jam, Crowded House, Nirvana, Soundgarden , Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, U2, the Cure and many more from that era of my life! What were you listening to?

Friday, September 08, 2006

My Art Works Mosaic

Just made this at Flickr!!! Decided to send it over to my Blog, because it turned out so bright and colourful! It's a collection of some of my recent artworks and collages! Some are illustrations for the Madame Butterfly Gallery, some will be available as prints in there too! Some are on Canvas, some are on Wood and some on paper! If you want to read any more about them individually,just go to flickr and click on the one you like!
It's now really late here and I need to say goodnight! See you all tomorrow, Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite ( yuck bugs!) and have a great Friday!


Yesterday I promised an amazing site to see!!!! And here it is! I book marked this site a few weeks ago beacuse was so in love with it! Papaya ... Creative Abandon is the Papery, stationary and book works 0f artist Anahata Katkin who started making collage journals and made it into her full time work!!! It's bright, bold and beautiful! It's Bollywood, meet's Art Deco and Beyond! If you love colour and decoration then this one's for you! I could get lost in all those swirls, alphabets, designs and collages! There's Postcard sets, albums, journals, art prints and amazing Collage books for Artists called Spare Parts with gorgeous things to cut out and stick down! I must get one of those and I must spend some more time in her site too, there's so much to see!
INSPIRE ME TIP OF TODAY! ... What can you make Bright, Bold and Beautiful? Stop, take a quick look around you! Is there something drab, beige and boring in your house right now? Here's your weekend project ... Paint it, Collage it, Sew a cover for it! Make it stand out and be proud!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm so addicted! Help!

I've just been up to the local Post Office, a grand escape on my own for 15 minutes ( left my son and husband at home!) and sent some more lovely packages off to new homes that were just ordered from the shop! Unfortnately the Post Office just happens to be in between the Newsagent, a Bakery and a children's bookstore! Well that's just way to tempting for me, so of course I visited all three and came out of the Newsagent with yet another Magazine to add to the collection! .... The new issue of Vogue Living, it's jam packed with Spring gorgeousness! SSSSShhhhhhhhh ....Please don't tell my husband I've bought another one! You'll see how addicted I really am if you read the Afternoon Tea Page on my new website which is virtually a mini magazine in itself ! P.S. Stay Tuned, I've found something excellent for my next post for all those crafty paper and collage lovers out there!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

first package in the mail box!!!!

I have just sent my first Madame Butterfly Gallery package, very exciting! I hope there will be many more to come! I took a photo of it and everything, what a dork I am! But it will be nice to remember the first one! I really wanted to post a picture of my new cute baby niece too, but I must let my Sis do the honours first on her blog, so I'll just have to hold my horses!
Oh and I just clicked over to this, thought it was kind of intriging, being the paper freak I am. It was actually a google ad on my blog! ( i have seriously been thinking about taking adsense off my page, but every now and then something interesting show's up!) and this site PAPER SOURCE, has a really great gallery and some interesting things in their shop!

The Amazing Bubble Chair !!!

I just keep on finding them!, these amazing Artists and Crafters that emerge from their wonderful studios and show off their works to the world! Some time ago I found Jenny Lloyd! And I just keep going back to her flickr album to see more of her beautiful work and her website is so wonderful too!! The one pictured above is called Bubble Chair, my personal favorite! Love the lanterns, cherry blossoms and paper boat! She lives and works in London, has a very large Portfolio and is a must to visit if you are an Artlover! Oh and another must see, I've been visiting my lovely link list today to see what all my blog friends are up to and found some gorgeousness over at Blossoms Special Orange, Marianne has made new Resin Jewellery !!!! Visit her and her Strawberry patch too!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

So Many Visitors!

well, what a great day I've had today! So many visitors to Madame Butterfly on her first day and so many lovely compliments and nice comments already! Isn't it nice when you've worked so hard on something to see some encouragement and feedback straight away! I've already gift wrapped some gorgeous goodies that we've sold today and was so busy that I only got to celebrate with a cup of tea and a hedgehog slice, yum!. Thanks to everyone!
What you'll find in the SEPTEMBER Issue ...
An interview with designers Gracia and Louise, some fabulous spring fashions and beauty tips to get you into party mode! Open your fortune cookie and make some delicious cookies! There's a great paper project and some fabulous decorating ideas too! There's some beautiful treats and gifts in the Boutique, I'm especially in love with the MY Secret Castle Earrings pictured above!
And We wrote a feature articles on Ashley G in the Creative Cabinet , jewellery designers Iggy and Lou Lou and also on Robert from Mahar Drygoods.
If you haven't come to visit yet, please do and make sure you become a Gallery Member ( on the contact page!) so we can update you with sales in the boutique and what's coming up in the October issue too! Thanks again everyone!
( Oh and I seem to be having an embarassing problem with my side bar, I'm sure everyone has noticed! Sometimes when I add another lovely link, Blogger decides that I really need another little pink diamond with nothing next to it to create an unslightly gap! Not sure what's going on there!)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Madame Butterfly Launch Day!!!!!

Well, finally after many months of hard work I have the exciting news that the Madame Butterfly Gallery is ready to Launch!!!! I'd love you all to come and visit and let me know what you think of my new website! The painting above I've just finished too and is the Logo of the website, it's called Butterfly Dreaming and will be available soon in the Gallery as a Print!
And also wonderful news, at 5.01 this morning my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Mahlie, so I'm officially an Aunty for the first time! It's all very exciting in our house at the moment! Here's part of Our Press Release and a bit more about what you'll find over at Madame Butterfly's ....

Madame Butterfly Gallery
An Online Boutique
Art Jewellery Gifts Décor Treasures

Announcing the Grand Arrival of the
Madame Butterfly Gallery

Madame Butterfly Says…
“Add a touch of Glamour to your Day!”
An Invitation for You to come and visit Us in the
Madame Butterfly Gallery
An Online Boutique
A Glamorous Shopping Experience
in Your Nightgown Awaits…

Luxurious Treats and Beautiful Presents
Art, Jewellery, Gifts, Décor and gorgeous Treasures
Can all be found in the Boutique

Stay a while and indulge in some
Interesting Reading…
Make, Bake or Create something wonderful from Madame Butterfly’s Creative Cabinet
Meet some fabulous Artists, Designers and Identities
Find words of wisdom opening Madame’s Fortune Cookie
Essential fashion finds, retail therapy and beauty tips will spill from Madame Butterfly’s Dressing Table
Escape with Madame Butterfly’s Afternoon Tea
And find out exactly what fairytale character you are most like too!
All without leaving the comforts of home
Madame Butterfly is looking forward to meeting You!

Our Official Launch Day is the 5th of September, 2006
We hope you will join us in a Virtual Champagne
and visit us in the Gallery!

Friday, September 01, 2006

A Tribute to Tretchikoff.

I have just found out that an amazing artist has passed into the next world and thought that I must pay tribute to him right here! Vladimir Tretchikoff was born in Siberia in Russia in 1913 and lived and painted his way all over the world.He died last week at the age of 92 in Cape Town. He was self taught and prints of his paintings became hugely popular in the 70's. His Painting 'the Chinese Girl' ( above) has the claim to fame of being the print that has sold the most copies around the world than any other ! His works can now be found in Collectables and Antique stores and I'm sure will fetch even larger sale prices now! I have one that I love,an african style woman, that was a birthday present from my sister, I don't know it's name but I am determined to find out! It came in the most horrid time worn frame that had drill holes in it as if it had been screwed into the wall of some Kitsch cafe or Pizza Palour somewhere. Vladimir may you rest in peace knowing you will be remembered as the King of Kitsch paintings everywhere! Visit the fabulous site dedicated to him, I'm sure you willl recognise quite a few images in the Gallery!

On my bedside table ... Island Beauty

Last Christmas my husband gave me two beautiful books ... Island Life and Island Beauty by India Hicks! I throughly enjoyed my trip through Island life about her gorgeous home and life living in the Carribean, a beautiful and inspiratinal interiors book! I am ashamed to say though that the other book ended up on the bookshelf, flipped through but unread and I have recently been making some time to read at least a page a day! I've found out it's hard to read anything with a Toddler around and I watch too much TV too! Island Beauty is a simple to read bible about listening to your body and how to look after it, with beautiful ideas and recipes for the skin and hair from the Carribean. It makes so much sense and it feels cleansing just to read it. Now to just implement these ideas with my health kick, hhhmmmm. Easier said than done, but will give it a go!
Other tasks today have been to take a walk on the first lovely day of Sping to the park and make a White Rabbit costume for Drew for the Alice in Wonderland Party we are going to for our little friend Tia tomorrow! We've been all over our Town looking for Ears all week, and they are nowhere. So of course I made ears from paper and a head band (they don't look great and he's already not wanting to wear them!), a big white woolly pom pom for a tail, a bow tie and a cardboard pocket watch and found some face paint! I'm sure he'll have it on for five minutes for a photo and that will be it! Have a great weekend everyone!

Paper Flowers and Towers

Yesterday my sister sent me a wonderful link to Peter Callesen's website showing a Gallery of his beautiful Paper Cut Creations. There are Castles, Towers, Skeletons and Beautiful delicate Flowers. The time and effort that has gone into these artworks is amazing! If you are a Paper Lover then this is a must see! It reminded me of a class I took called Paper Construction during my Fashion Design year, it was a lot of fun and each week we had to create something out of paper ... packaging for a particular product, collage, paper cut outs and a dress which had to be photographed - mine was tiny mirror shiny squares of paper sewn together and looked very 60's, it would not have looked out of place in Austin Powers!
Last night we watched a Documentary called The Falling Man, it was amazing, sad, compelling and I can't stop thinking about it Today! I wonder what I would do faced with an impossible situation like that and I hope these people are never forgotten!