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Friday, September 08, 2006


Yesterday I promised an amazing site to see!!!! And here it is! I book marked this site a few weeks ago beacuse was so in love with it! Papaya ... Creative Abandon is the Papery, stationary and book works 0f artist Anahata Katkin who started making collage journals and made it into her full time work!!! It's bright, bold and beautiful! It's Bollywood, meet's Art Deco and Beyond! If you love colour and decoration then this one's for you! I could get lost in all those swirls, alphabets, designs and collages! There's Postcard sets, albums, journals, art prints and amazing Collage books for Artists called Spare Parts with gorgeous things to cut out and stick down! I must get one of those and I must spend some more time in her site too, there's so much to see!
INSPIRE ME TIP OF TODAY! ... What can you make Bright, Bold and Beautiful? Stop, take a quick look around you! Is there something drab, beige and boring in your house right now? Here's your weekend project ... Paint it, Collage it, Sew a cover for it! Make it stand out and be proud!!!


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