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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Amazing Bubble Chair !!!

I just keep on finding them!, these amazing Artists and Crafters that emerge from their wonderful studios and show off their works to the world! Some time ago I found Jenny Lloyd! And I just keep going back to her flickr album to see more of her beautiful work and her website is so wonderful too!! The one pictured above is called Bubble Chair, my personal favorite! Love the lanterns, cherry blossoms and paper boat! She lives and works in London, has a very large Portfolio and is a must to visit if you are an Artlover! Oh and another must see, I've been visiting my lovely link list today to see what all my blog friends are up to and found some gorgeousness over at Blossoms Special Orange, Marianne has made new Resin Jewellery !!!! Visit her and her Strawberry patch too!


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