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Friday, September 01, 2006

A Tribute to Tretchikoff.

I have just found out that an amazing artist has passed into the next world and thought that I must pay tribute to him right here! Vladimir Tretchikoff was born in Siberia in Russia in 1913 and lived and painted his way all over the world.He died last week at the age of 92 in Cape Town. He was self taught and prints of his paintings became hugely popular in the 70's. His Painting 'the Chinese Girl' ( above) has the claim to fame of being the print that has sold the most copies around the world than any other ! His works can now be found in Collectables and Antique stores and I'm sure will fetch even larger sale prices now! I have one that I love,an african style woman, that was a birthday present from my sister, I don't know it's name but I am determined to find out! It came in the most horrid time worn frame that had drill holes in it as if it had been screwed into the wall of some Kitsch cafe or Pizza Palour somewhere. Vladimir may you rest in peace knowing you will be remembered as the King of Kitsch paintings everywhere! Visit the fabulous site dedicated to him, I'm sure you willl recognise quite a few images in the Gallery!


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