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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Exploring the world from the comfort of home!

Nothing beats going on an adventure and exploring somewhere you've never been before, but isn't it great that we can go on little expeditions to nearly anywhere on Earth just by typing somewhere into our computer keyboard! I love that I can go on a Virtual visit to the most amazing places on the other side of the world and learn so much about them and even shop in some of them! My most favorite place to visit recently is somewhere I wish I had visited on my UK trip ... Portmerion in Wales. For now I will have to settle for a web surf there, but I just love the whole idea of this fantastical place. A magical town dreamed up by one man who made it come to life!
When I was little I loved to dream and draw houses, towns, maps and gardens with every little detail thrown in and fantasize about them being real!!! Well Clough Williams- Ellis made his quirky beautiful dream town come true! Set in the north of Wales in Snowdonia, up on high with the sea as a backdrop, Portmerion is a mish mash of all architectural styles, wonderful gardens, gorgeous shops, including the original Portmerion China Store started by his daughter! It is now a Grand tourist attraction, is the backdrop for many weddings an was once the set for a TV show!It was opened in 1926 and celebrated its 80th birthday this year! My favorite story about it's founder is the fact that he collected over many years ,architectural fittings for the town and imported GIANT Roman columns to use in construction! When it was time to install them, he had forgotten where he had put them in storage! Go there for a visit today!


At 12:40 PM, Blogger AnastasiaC said...

Looks gorgeous - I love quaint little villages like that!
funny u posted about this as my friend just emailed me this
24hours in NY


At 11:10 PM, Anonymous louise said...

I'm all for exploring the world via the computer when pennies are in short supply.
Cheers, LJ

At 11:10 PM, Anonymous louise said...

I'm all for exploring the world via the computer when pennies are in short supply.
Cheers, LJ

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Annabelle said...

Hi Shae,
I haven't heard anyone talk about Portmerion since I visited it in 1977.I loved watching the Prisoner which was flimed there and I also like the fact that Clough Williams-Ellis built it after seeing the real seaside town of Portofino in Italy.It happens to be my birth place.When my two friends and I visited Wales we arrived there late by rail and ended up sleeping in the field surrounding Castell Deudraeth.We even washed our under garments and hung them to dry on the fence posts.We fell into a deep sleep even though we were afraid of snakes.The place was truly magical and mesmerizing;it was an adventure in it self which we will never forget.One should make it a MUST stop if they ever visit Wales.Thanks for sharing your virtual travel with us and stirring my memories of my youth.


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