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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Inside a Treasure Box... What secrets would you hide?

In my wanderings through the land of Flickr, I often find the most fabulous art and crafty people and their works! I have been peeking at HARU DESIGNS wonderful treasure boxes for quite some time and everytime a new one is displayed it's just as gorgeous as the one before! She uses a Decoupage technique using vibrant, beautiful and vintage papers and works to a Theme. Each box is named and the Treasure keepers are available at her ETSY STORE! unfortunately I think I may have to change her mind about only shipping within the USA, because I really want one of my very own!
INSPIRE ME TIP OF TODAY ... Do you have a lovely old box or something wooden that could be covered in lovely, wonderful paper finds! You could even cover the fronts of Drawers, the top of a table or chest of drawers or make a work of art to hang on the wall !The basic idea is to cut and paste paper, glue it down flat onto an object and then do numerous coats of varnish over the top to preserve your artwork and make it smooth and flat! For more ideas on how to DECOUPAGE click here! And for even more inspiration I'm also in love with RINGO LO's fabulous fridge magnets ( see her collage section) and her great blog too!


At 1:51 PM, Blogger AnastasiaC said...

these boxes are beautiful!!


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