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Thursday, August 24, 2006

from my creative cabinet ... Collage

the Garden, a collage by Shae, the butterfly collector ( unfinished)
...I've been working on this collage mosaic piece for a while and am quite please with how they've turned out. I used all kinds of layers of paper and tissue from my collection, embroiderey threads,buttons, glass pebbles, rub on letters, stamps, feathers and something I love to rip off all the mail I get ... Stamps, little mini masterpieces themselves!
I have laid them all out ready to be mounted, I think I'll mount them into a shadow box frame, must go get some more of those, they are great to make mini worlds in! I'm dissapointed in my photos today, it's dark and rainy and I have no light to work with, oh well!
I've also found another artist whose collages I love who does wonderful things with cut paper, visit the Curious Bird!!!!
INSPIRE ME TIP OF TODAY! ... Keep a look out around your home and your world for wonderful things you can use to make interesting collages! They can be everyday items like candy wrappers, tea bag tags, stamps, pegs and buttons or you can venture out into the big wide world for some more inspiration and look for leaves,feathers, shells, stones, and flowers. You could even collect sentimental things and make a keepsake collage to frame, use cards, postcards, a flower somene special gave you, one of your kids drawings, or that fabulous shell you found on your favorite holiday!You never know what you might find on your daily travels! Group them in glass jars so you can see all your treasures and find what your looking for when that next project idea pops into your imagination!


At 9:26 PM, Blogger AnastasiaC said...

they look great!!
love the colours and lots of texture!!

At 10:22 PM, Blogger Violet & Rose said...

Whoever said blue and green should never be seen? Loving that combination. Very pretty.


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