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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

from my painting desk... the Grand Tea Palace

...she dreamed of a far away place, an escape from her chaotic world! She dreamed of Tea and scones, she dreamed of cake and cream and jam. She dreamed of a tray arriving with cookies and milk and sugar.She dreamed of warm sunshine and blue skies and fluffy clouds floating by. She dreamed it was pretty and she wished she did'nt have to wake up and start her day yet! But wait, today she would escape and sneak away, forget the world, sometime in the Afternoon and have a secret affair with Tea!...

Grand Tea Palace, a painting by Shae, the Butterfly Collector I know, it's another three part mini series, a panoramic painting, I really have to figure out how to take a decent photo of these!

This one came about whilst having tea and reading about the Taj Mahal! My ideas come from strange places sometimes! A whole series came from this idea and they were so much fun to paint, there is also Ice Cream Harbour ( a few posts back), lolliepop forest and champayne city!

So here's my INSPIRE ME CREATIVE TIP OF TODAY...think food, think delicious!!! What can you create from your favorite food, what inspires you about it. The colour, the taste, the shape, the smell, the place where you eat it??? Paint it, Sew it, Sketch it,Cook it !!! And for even more incentive go and check out Miss Heidi's Fabulous creations!


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