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Saturday, August 05, 2006

From inside a designers mind... Queen Quartermaine

Just a quick one tonight, I've got a date with my husband on the couch, we are about to indulge in chocolate, tea and KING KONG! We never got to the cinemas to see it, so we are looking forward to watching the new version! About to send the little one off to bed too! Wanted to share one of my favorite books though, Carolyn Quartermaine's Unwrapped. I love every page of collage, interiors, her wonderful apartment in London, her silk screened gorgeous fabric, the table settings and the floral arrangements. She loves to work with old pages of books, brown papers, cardboard, pastels, vivid hues and gold paint. Her interiors include large gorgeous mirrors, chandeliers, paper mache creations, painted doors and sumptuous chaise lounges and chairs covered in handpainted silks. The book pictured above is the mini paperback take anywhere version of Unwrapped. Her website is a great expression of her style.

INSPIRE ME TIP CREATIVE TIP OF TODAY!... hunt through your local thrift shop for fantastic old discarded books and use the yellowed old pages to make collages. Use them as backgrounds, cut out shapes like hearts or wings. Paint them with water colours, rip them for layers or even dip them in tea for aged look!. Great books to use are old dictionary's and music sheets! For some more great ideas check out Paper Relics, store owner and artist Hope has some fantastical vintage paper kits and her collages are totally unique and wonderful too!


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