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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Jealousy in the jewel box ... Last romance in Paris

...Imagine walking through a porcelain world and meeting creatures such as fluttering butterflies, pretty dames, elegant dukes,cute bambi faces, adorable lambs, wise rabbits, skulls and skeletons. You also might run into some shotguns,crucifix and wolves. This wild world really does exist in the minds of the creators of Iggy and Lou Lou. A fabulous ceramic collection which includes necklaces, brooches, vases, and bowls to name just a few! It's like viewing a pirates treasure to enter their website and everything is tempting. Their wares are stamped onto, coloured, black & white and all handmade with porcelain and are all very unique and collectable. The latest collection is called the Last Romance in Paris and is influenced by Wuthering Heights,Gun fighting Duels, Victoriana, Film Noir and of course Paris. If you're in Melbourne you can visit their latest exhibition at Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Street in the CBD from August 2nd to 12th.

INSPIRE ME TODAY TIP... Make time to take your Inner artist on a date at least once a month! Visit a gallery or two, Go Window Shopping and see if the latest trends/colours influence you, Visit your local Botanical Gardens or the Zoo and take a sketch book, you might find interesting leaves, seed pods or animal skins, or even a trip to the movies might inspire you to create something wonderful!


At 3:16 PM, Anonymous gracia said...

I walked past their beautiful wares in the Craft Vic window the other day... they're wonderful, aren't they?
take care, gracia


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