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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

From the gallery wall...mietta the mermaid

...Mietta the Mermaid put on her sparkling gown. She was ready for a wonderful night out at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. It was held annually and attracted creatures from all over the ocean floor. It was a big event on the Mermaid calendar and she knew all her kind would arrive in style tonight. Some in seahorse drawn carriages and some coral limousines. She picked up her glittering handbag and made sure she had her lipstick and blush and then adornred herself with jewels she had bought especially from the Treasure Chest, her favorite vintage store. A special seashell necklace, a gold and ruby ring and pretty coral and pearl beaded bracelets. She was planning on making the grandest of entrances' and hoping she would be crowned with the prestigious best dressed award of Enchantress Under the Sea ...

Mietta the Mermaid on her way to the Enchantment under the Sea Dance, a new painting by Shae, the butterfly collector

Mietta is the first in the series of new paintings which have been influenced by a little girl character called Eve I have been scribbling for about a year now, I intended for her to be a children's story book character, still working on perfecting the story and I'm yet to paint little Eve in colour, but a grown up version of her just appeared ...The lovely Mietta and I'm on a roll and the next one is nearly complete too! ( will post soon). Whilst we're on the subject of cute kid things, all of you must take a visit to the most wonderful online kid's gift store... Mahar Drygoods, the excellent Mr Robert has put together the most whimsical and handcrafted collection of children's toys, art and clothing all made by some of my favorite crafters and artists! It's the perfect place to step back into your inner child's fantasy land!


At 2:43 AM, Blogger Julie said...

oh this is lovely - I am also waiting from about 3 friends who write to write me a book to illustrate!!!


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