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Thursday, July 20, 2006

whispers from the walls...ice-cream harbour

...today she went for a wander along the waterfront. The water sparkled under the mid-morning sun and the boats tied up along the marina rocked gently in the cold wind. She snuggled into her warm coat and pulled her long lilac scarf even tighter around her neck to keep out the drafts. She enjoyed watching the children on the old carosel for a few moments and then went back to her thoughts of what direction her life would take next, what exciting things would await her in this new town and where could she get a warm cup of hot chocolate and a cosy place to watch the water from...

ice-cream harbour, a painting by the butterfly collector. Another panoramic one, I've shown two parts of it here!

My lovely Sister has undertaken a "50 questions about herself" challenge in the last post on her blog and IS NOW CHALLENGING OTHERS TO STEAL IT ! It's funny reading through it as I actually found out a couple of things about her I didn't know! Here's my own fun mini version, I made up myself with lots of lovely links...

1. words I like today... roccoco, charming, venetian, raspberry, parade and ruby

2. places I love to visit... apollo bay, queenscliff, barwon heads ( all of these are on the water), daylesford ( gorgeous country town),the wintergarden cafe ( they have wonderful apple pie and cake, great coffee, an antique store, a gallery, a garden nursery and gift store,great cosy seating, everything you could want in a relaxing afternoon tea time!) and royal arcade in Melbourne (for fabulous shopping)!

3. Silly and wonderful things I like .... over the knee socks, mary jane style shoes, paint charts ( for the glorious paint names ie... seashell lagoon, jilted jade, queensberry, melted mocha),chocolate mousse, vintage buttons and my watercolour pencils.

4. walks I like to go on ...through our local botanical gardens, through cemetaries to find the oldest, historical and most interesting graves , along our local beaches, and around our neighbourhood which has some beautiful character homes, gorgeous gardens and I always find something to inspire me!

5. Shops I love to visit... gorgeous jewellery ( a local treasure trove of new and vintage), Plumo, Mirror Mirror, Jellybean Bonanza ( quirky original clothes and shoes in my town) and Bookstores, all kinds big and small!

Now it's your turn!


At 2:15 AM, Blogger artgyrl said...

Hi. Thanks for the comments. Your art has a wonderful feminine (I was gonna say "girlie" but that sounds weird coming from a fellow female) quality to it.

At 10:37 AM, Anonymous samantha said...

Number 3 was like reading my own answers!! - although maybe I'd change the chocolate mousse to meringue!

At 12:43 PM, Blogger acoustitch said...

WEIRD! Did you know Ruby is our back-up girls baby name? Did I tell you I bought chocolate brown over the knee stockings to wear to the baby shower? (I also google note-booked Audrey Kawasaki's art site a few days before you blogged it!)We must have some similar tastes...

At 2:01 PM, Blogger AnastasiaC said...

I love your painting - the icecream van is cute!!


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