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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

whspers from the walls...midnight swim

...it was a gorgeous summer night, the air was warm and there was a lovely breeze floating past her open window. Charlotte threw open the white french doors of her bedroom and stood looking out at the ocean entranced by the movement and noise of the waves. The moon was full and she could see it's silver sparkle on her wine glass as she set it down on the balcony. She let the straps of her party dress loose and stepped out of it, leaving it draped over the stair rail. She ran naked toward the cool water, it was time for a midnight swim...

Midnight Swim by the butterfly collector. This painting is long and panoramic, so it was hard to photograph as one piece, here it is in three!

I'm really enjoying my painting time at the moment, usually in the afternoons when Drew is asleep and I've been making a point of not just sitting and watching all those shows we're addicted to ( desperate housewives and lost especially), but sitting at the kitchen table, watching, drinking tea and painting! I've been playing lots of great music during the afternoon too whilst whipping paint into a frenzy and rediscovering my love of some favorite girls like Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega and Tori Amos...she is amazing, I have nearly every album, what a voice, what a musician, what fabulous eccentric lyrics that sometimes make no sense at all, and what a fantastic website !!!! All this and she always inspires my artwork too.
Now off to read some Dr Seuss to my bub in bed, coz he is a little sleepy head!


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