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Saturday, July 15, 2006

a tale from my sketchbook...butterfly euphemia

...she loves to rip and tear us and put us just in the right spot! A morning spent in the art store at the very tempting long wall of us, picking the most beautiful of us at that very moment. An afternoon of rummaging through her paper box, finding just the right colours, shapes and textures that all go together. Sometimes she even pulls out the box of feathers, the box of buttons and the box of miscellaneous fun junk to create with. Out come the stamps next, some paint and some polish and then here we all are, arranged and we become the latest of her creations, her mood and frame of mind for that moment in time...

Madame Butterfly Collage by Shae, the butterfly Collector.

I love my local art store, they have this great big wall of paper that is just too tempting to believe. Each time I visit I come home with a pile of papers that I really probably didn't need, but are just too beautiful to leave behind! I love to use all different kinds though in my collage and have quite a few boxes devoted to paper and a lot of vintage wallpapers too! Some sites I love to visit for drooling over beautiful papers are atomic boom ( for vintage, they have retro fabric too for all you crazy crafters out there!), Cristina Re for delicious new designs and annie p, for papers good enough to eat! Are you a paper freak like me? Let me know of any secret stores you know of that I need to visit!


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