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Friday, July 07, 2006

dressing table fable...a carnival in the park

...Rosie picked all three of us up from her pretty lilac dressing table and cupped us in her little hand. She took us into the bathroom where she took her mother's wrist, turned her hand and pressed us all into her palm. "These ones mum!"she exclaimed and beamed a toothy grin! She sat down on the side of the bath and let her mother brush her shining brunette hair and place us all in a row down one side. Today she was wearing her pink polka dot dress, long stripey socks and little black mary jane's that were polished brightly especially for today! They were off to the carnival in the park for her birthday and her mother assured her she would see clowns, ponies, eat fairy floss and go on a ride. She would remember this day always...

My Little Scottie Dog Hairclips are part of the kids collection in the Boutique of the
Madame Butterfly Gallery ( opening soon!)

This week I have lost a stone from my favourite pair of earrings, lost another one at a restaurant ( which thankfully I got back, another fave pair I blogged about here), and lost yet another one of a gorgeous purple pair I had on today! It got me to thinking about that old superstition of the rule of three's. The idea is that there is some sort of force in our universe which causes things to happen in three's, bad luck , some good luck and deaths. I'm not one to be overly superstitious, some of them are crazy..
BAD...broken mirrors, walking under ladders, black cats, crossed knives, owls hooting three times,
umbrellas inside, stepping on cracks in the footpath
GOOD... meeting three sheep, four leaf clovers, cutting your hair during a storm, picking up a pencil in the street ,seeing three butterflies together, four leaf clovers
... but I still think about them when they happen, some things get stuck in your head for good from when you're a kid! It made me wonder where some of these ideas came from, so I had a great read on this site (If you observed all of the rules in here, you would end up in a mental institution!). I'm off to bed now, apparently if I sleep facing south it's good luck!


At 2:37 PM, Blogger Violet & Rose said...

Hi Shae
What a gorgeous blog you have here! And your Madame Butterfly project looks really interesting. Will be waiting to see that one! And did you know we are both Reid's? And both in Melbourne. Now there's something spooky for you.


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