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Sunday, June 25, 2006

whispers from the walls ...orange blossom bird

..she stands in front of me each morning, emerging from her bedroom in her lilac robe that falls to her ankles and sky blue night gown underneath, her slippers make a soft sound as they pad towards me. "Good Morning Orange Blossom Bird" she says as she blows a kiss my way and winks,"it's going to be a wonderful day!" I wish I could go with her on her wanderings and see where she goes and who she meets, I wonder about this all day until she comes home with another greeting and tells me all about her adventures!...

I've just finished this painting and I am so excited to post it here as I don't get to finish many very often these days with my little one running around! He is drawing with crayons and loves to use my paintbrushes to paint with water, but I have to keep him away from so many of my art things. I so wish I could sew too, but it's too hard with little fingers getting in to everything, maybe one day soon I can start again!
I'm trying to imagine what kind of room my Orange Blossom Bird might end up in, I hope he gets blown kisses everyday! He will be for sale soon in the Madame Butterfly Gallery.


At 3:24 AM, Blogger Julie said...

I love the colours..


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