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Friday, June 09, 2006

candour in the china cabinet...tea party

..."I have just been placed back in the parlour by Geeves,cleaned and polished, to sit alongside the other grand ladies in this great extravaganza of cavernous white wood ,glassed doored, overt piece the inhabitants here call the china cabinet!"
"It has been my home for many a year now and whilst it is comfortable, it is very hard to catch up on some quiet time to ones self with all the gossip that continually spills out onto these shelves...
I have just attended an Afternoon Tea Party in the gardens here on the estate ,where Miss Eliza in all her white lace finery rose from her seat and informed all the dames present in an excited squeal that she was expecting her first born to her husband, Mr Nicholas".
"Scone Crumbs spilled from my tiers and landed in the jam and cream, as I reeled at the scandal within our walls, you see sweet Miss Eliza had been caught only days before by the Sugar and Creamer Set canoodling in the dining room with Master Travers, the groundsman's son".
"Should I tell the others now I thought or save it for later? What a commotion this will cause!"...

Tiered Cake Platter, a recent thrift shop find and now in the personal collection of
the butterfly collector. This gorgeous number will be soon be making another Tea Party
special appearance at my sister's upcoming baby shower!


At 6:02 PM, Blogger buttons & lace said...

wow shae i can not believe you found this in an op shop! Brisbane has nothing like this - i am addicted to 2 and 3 tier cake stands - i usually buy them off ebay. Very impressive.


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