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Saturday, May 20, 2006

we're not in Kansas anymore Toto!!!

first entry!..
Miss Dorothy is new Here!!!
and The Butterfly Collector is a grand romance I hope to indulge in daily!
I have always loved to hunt for treasures and jewells, gorgeous handbags and the perfect pair of shoes... a trait passed down from my mother and grandmother and I now share with my sister!

So this diary was concieved to give these beautiful finds a voice and accompany my upcoming online Boutique and Magazine... Madame Butterfly Gallery . To display a Glamourous collection of Jewellery, Accessories and Vintage finds from my own (and others) collections and show off the beautiful wares for sale in Madame Butterfly's Boutique!

I had been daydreaming about the past lives of some of the jewellery passed down to me from my grandmother and the vintage finds I have picked up over the years and realised they all must have wonderful stories to tell about their previous owners, the events they have been worn to and secrets they harbour. These are their stories...

P.S. These are my most treasured pair of shoes, my red patent leather Mary Jane's


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I love the shoes


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