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Saturday, July 08, 2006

whispers from the wall...beltane moon

..."tonight I will rule them all"she whispered to herself with delight , tonight I will be Queen and they will all bow down to me, if anyone of them dares to defy me, accursed they will be,always". Rhionarch silently took the key to the castle gate, turned it clockwise and stepped through to the path to the forest. She could hear their celebrations in the clearing beyond the trees, excited sqeauls ,singing, instruments and dancing. The sky was ablaze from the pit fires they had lit to keep them warm and dry , they were observing the traditional ceremonies of the Beltane moon. She pulled her cape aside to reveal a magnificent wand, thrusting it in the air she called all her loyal followers with a chanted spell, the golbins, trolls and pixies, an army to overthrow the humans and fairies."It won't be long now" she thought and she was impatient as they came, forming lines in front of her, grovelling at her feet, praising her and urgently waitng for her orders...

Beltane Moon, an Original Painting by the Butterfly Collector
This painting I completed a few years ago, I can't bear to part with her, she sits next to my desk so I can see her each day! She was created when I was going through a phase with and obssesion for fantasy art and books. I fell in love with Caisel Mor, an Irish/Aussie writer whose book The Harp at MIdnight was the inspiration for this painting and with Linda and Roger Garland whose wonderful paintings have been featured on book covers galore. Their Gallery in Cornwell featuring Linda's Astrological and Arthurian Legend paintings and Roger's famous Lord of the Rings Series is open to the public, I would love to visit there one day!!! I hope some fairies come to visit you this weekend!!! We are off with some friends to the Winter Gathering Festival in a town in the forest not far from here.A day of art,music,poetry,market wares and great food await us!


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