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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A tale from the Jewell box...Emerald brooch

...I saw him staring at her from the moment we stepped onto the train station. He could not tear his eyes away from her long dark locks with curls framing her face, that rose red pout on her lips and her startling emerald green eyes, a match for me pinned to her small felt green day hat. Trying not to be obvious he followed her up the platform as she struggled with and cursed the large heavy red suitcase that looked as though it had seen better days. He stood a short distance away and continued to enjoy watching her as she checked the shine on her patent heeled shoes and adjusted her stockings and he admired her legs under her black Dior full calf length skirt. The steam engine pulled up to the station and announced itself with a loud whistle and a puff of smoke billowed into the air. She bent to pick up the suitcase and started to drag it toward the carriage door. Here was his opportunity to meet this beauty and he stepped up beside her and enquired " May I help you with that ,Miss ?"...

Emerald Green Glass Brooch from the personal collection of the butterfly collector

Today I had a lot of fun browsing the Wheels and Dollbaby website, they have beautiful nostalgic movie star clothes named after the stars themselves, very expensive, but it's nice to dream! I am enchanted by one of their recent cover girls too, one Miss Dita Von Teese, she is curvy, gorgeous, glamourous, elegant and a new fashion icon, ironic as she is a burlesque dancer! She has recently become the favorite for all the fashion and celebrity set, they book her for their parties and she performs her striptease on a grand scale sometimes using a giant martini glass and merry go round horses! She dresses to the nines each day in vintage glam and is married to the infamous Marilyn Manson. Raise your glasses to glamorous women from all eras'.


At 9:53 AM, Blogger AnastasiaC said...

oh I love love Dita Von Teese - she is flawless!!!
so beautiful!


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