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Sunday, July 09, 2006

from inside the wardrobe door...coffee shop romance

...Laura read the last line of the magazine article and licked her lips to taste the last of the delicious Cafe'Latte she had just enjoyed with a danish for her morning tea. The door to the coffee shop opened and closed with a creak and the jingle of a bell behind her. Another customer for Lily she thought. Laura picked up her handbag and stood, brushing the crumbs from her lap down past us to the floor. She looked down to admire us, one of her new purchases from the weekends' shopping splurge and turned toward the door. One step and she had walked straight into the stranger who had just entered and stood on his lovely polished black shoes. She stared straight into his eyes, a little longer than she intended and blushed, "I'm so sorry "she exclaimed. He was so handsome it was hard to look away. "No harm done" he replied with a smile and a laugh,"it's nice to be bumped into by a beautiful woman". She blushed once again, but this time smiled back.
"See you tomorrow, same time" She called out to Lily, who gave her a wink and a knowing smile. She hoped she would bump into him tomorrow again too!

wine coloured soft suede crocodile ballet shoes from the personal collection
of the Butterfly Collector

it's not very often now my husband and I get to enjoy a night out alone, but every few months we call on our parents for babysitting duty and head off for a night of indulgence which starts at our favorite Italian restaurant, we then head to a giant bookstore for an hour of fun browsing, then we take in a movie at our favorite little independent cinema and finish off in leather wingback chairs in a corner of the fabulous KOKO Black.We order delicious coffee and rich chocolate mousse in martini glasses. Then upon leaving buy some Belgian chocolate selections from the tantalizing array in the jewellers case they have for a counter to take home! A Chocolate and Coffee romantic night on the town!


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