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Friday, July 21, 2006

A confession from the dressing table...Pancakes and maple syrup

...He would take her there on her birthday each year. It started out as a surprise, but then grew into a fun tradition. They would get dressed up, and sit in the little booth with the padded coffee coloured seats that he had reserved in advance. Then they would read through the menu together and consider each delicious meal smiling like little kids and then order pretty much what they always ordered anyway. For her a potato and cheese pancake with cream butter and salad on the side , for him a pancake stack with fresh mixed berries, cream and maple syrup of course, and for both of them Swiss mountain malt milkshakes with the chocolate flakes sprinkled on top. Then for dessert they would have icecream balls drowned in hot chocolate fudge, nuts and crumbly wafers on the side and cuppucinos. Then they would walk hand in hand across to the cinema for a film of her choice. She would remember these birthday dates all year and look forward to the next one!...

maple syrup bangle, which will be found in the boutique of the Madame Butterfly Gallery very soon.

This little tale is actually a true story, we do this most years for my birthday! Sometimes we ask family and friends to join us and sometimes it's a little date just on our own. We go off to the Pancake Parlour ( somewhere I've been eating at since I was small, the first time I can remember was with my dad and sister and we went to see ET at the cinema afterwards, I was five! ) , devour delicious pancakes and stare at the wonderful Alice in Wonderland illustrations and old Melbourne photographs on the walls !!! It's a nice little tradition and I've started one for my husband too, each year he picks a restaurant he really wants to eat out ( usually Italian) and I ask all our closest friends to join us for a feast!. Lots of memorable fun!!!!


At 9:25 PM, Blogger Julie said...

I thought it was a ring before I read further..it would make a lovely ring. Very pretty.

At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Joanne said...

I love the cheese and potatoe pancake especially with the shake on the side! yum yum yum


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