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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A tale from the toy box ... A chocolate mouse!!!

...Once upon a time there was a little cuddly and cute chocolate mouse! His name was EEK!!!, because the lady in the house that he lived in always called this out and jumped on top of the kitchen table whenever he decided to poke his head out from his little house in the skirting boards under the china cabinet. He would come out to see what the family was up to and collect anything delicious they may have dropped on the floor after their evening meal and then scurry back before any of them had a chance to catch him. He would take the little morsels home, have a lovely feast and them snuggle up in his chocolate and marshmallow striped blanket and dream of climbing a mountain of cheese.Oh and he lived happily ever after too!

EEk! The chocolate mouse and matching beautiful baby blankets will be available very soon in the Boutique of the Madame Butterfly Gallery!

We've had a fun family day today, a walk along the water, Drew's first ride on the old carousel we have in our town which has been restored to it's former glory. He loved riding the horse, saying NEIGH, and watching for Daddy and waving every time we made a full circle and then fish and chips on the pier for lunch. This afternoon all lazy on the couch with cups of tea we watched The Producers, which was fabulous and like watching a really old musical movie, it had it all, great songs, sets, actors, dancers and costumes. I really wish I had of gone to see it at the theatre now. Did anyone else go?


At 8:58 PM, Blogger Sweet Treat said...

Eek! What a cutie... such a happy expression. I think they will be a popular item in your gallery! Thanks for stopping by our blog...

At 11:45 PM, Blogger Belinda said...

You have been posting some lovely items, I can't wait to check out the Gallery.


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