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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Confessions from the dressing table... a cheating heart

... Whispers had been circulating about them for months, now she would find out if the rumours were really true. She had put on her long cashmere overcoat with the hood and tied it around her slim waist, put on her red heels and followed him on foot to the little secluded piano bar in this busy city they lived in and he had not noticed her at all. He had dressed well, put on aftershave that morning, cufflinks and a neatly pressed tie and told her he had a late business meeting with the boys after work. She felt sick to her stomach and her heart was in her mouth, she knew she might not like what she found. When he had been inside for a few minutes, she anxiously walked to the window and peeked around it's frame inside. She stared at her worst nightmare, he was in their at a table with another woman, a typist from his office. She could not control the rage inside her and stormed in to confront him. His eyes rose to her face in horror as she slapped him across the face. She did not say a word but glared at them both and in anger ripped me from her wrist and threw me at him hard. I had been a present for their fourth anniversary. I was left on the floor, all alone and she walked out into the night with her head held high and vowing to start a new wonderful life without him...

Vintage Style Silver Sparkle bracelet, from the personal collection of the Butterfly Collector

I love to go a venturing into vintage stores, looking for that perfect something that no one else has,
and it's great when you get lovely compliments on the jewellery, accessories and clothes that you find! This elegant bracelet was a bargain find and I love to wear it with black! Recently I've discovered wonderful places on the net to go shopping vintage style and here's some secret and gorgeous stores I'd love to share with you my lovely blog friends. Step back in time here, here and definitely here !!! Plus one more great one for us Aussies here !!!


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