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Sunday, August 13, 2006

A gorgeous day... Spring cleaning!!!

... It's a beautiful day and I'm at home with a very messy house and the boys are off playing in the sand at the beach!!! Having a big clean out, it's spring cleaning time! And nearly ready for lunch! Just thought I'd post a photo or two of one of my favorite sunny day spots!... This is the cafe at the Boatshed in Barwon Heads, a most gorgeous little town on the water and the beautiful little beach next to it! They have great food and coffee and cake! We aspire one day to buy a home here ( lots of saving and a lotto win would help!) It is about 20 minutes from our house and we spend lots of time there, especially in Summer! (It's also the home of Seachange the fabulousTV series, the boatshed was Diver Dan's house before the cafe was built and the cute little cottage above was Laura's house, its at the caravan park overlooking the sea!!)
P.s. hope it's a beautiful day where ever you are!


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