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Friday, September 01, 2006

On my bedside table ... Island Beauty

Last Christmas my husband gave me two beautiful books ... Island Life and Island Beauty by India Hicks! I throughly enjoyed my trip through Island life about her gorgeous home and life living in the Carribean, a beautiful and inspiratinal interiors book! I am ashamed to say though that the other book ended up on the bookshelf, flipped through but unread and I have recently been making some time to read at least a page a day! I've found out it's hard to read anything with a Toddler around and I watch too much TV too! Island Beauty is a simple to read bible about listening to your body and how to look after it, with beautiful ideas and recipes for the skin and hair from the Carribean. It makes so much sense and it feels cleansing just to read it. Now to just implement these ideas with my health kick, hhhmmmm. Easier said than done, but will give it a go!
Other tasks today have been to take a walk on the first lovely day of Sping to the park and make a White Rabbit costume for Drew for the Alice in Wonderland Party we are going to for our little friend Tia tomorrow! We've been all over our Town looking for Ears all week, and they are nowhere. So of course I made ears from paper and a head band (they don't look great and he's already not wanting to wear them!), a big white woolly pom pom for a tail, a bow tie and a cardboard pocket watch and found some face paint! I'm sure he'll have it on for five minutes for a photo and that will be it! Have a great weekend everyone!


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