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Monday, September 11, 2006

My new delicious whirlwind with paint!

I present to You.... Madame Butterfly! My latest Painting! And a very girly pretty one at that! I had a great time creating her! Originally she was just a black and white illustration ( and the logo for my business), but I decided she needed a splash of colour to bring her to life! So here she is, she will be available as a print soon in the Gallery too!
I've been thinking about the feature article I did on Ashley G in the Creative Cabinet in Madame Butterfly. She says she believes that what You are most happiest doing during Your childhood is what You will be most happiest doing for the rest of Your life! I think that statement has come true for me in many ways! When I was little
I loved to draw and paint! I loved sending things in the mail! I loved creating my own magazines! I loved creating beautiful rooms on paper by cutting and pasting things and furniture from magazines and catalogues ( my mum would draw me a big empty room to fill!) I loved to read and make things!I loved to make my own greeting cards! I loved to play in my Nan's sewing room and sew and sort all her buttons! I loved to visit art galleries and look at what others had created!
Amazingly I am still doing all of these things right now, in my life and business in some way! And I am Happy!
Revisit your childhood! What were you most happy doing? What are you doing now? Does it compare? Ask your parents what you loved to do when you were five! Do you need to make a few changes? Are you Happy? Write down or draw what you loved to do as a little one and discover if you still love doing it!


At 10:19 PM, Blogger Annabelle said...

Hi Shae,

"What you are most happiest doing during Your childhood is what You will be most happiest doing for the rest of Your life!" I agree with Ashley G. I will have to get my daughter Emma to read your testament to how you have lived your childhood and how now your present life reflects your past. My daughter sounds very much like you. She’s not sure yet what she wants to do in the future but now is a good time to take a close look around her and see what she enjoys doing and is good at. I on the other hand would love to write, create and collect oldies and maybe sell some of my work on line. Maybe sometime soon I hope. Thanks for the inspiration.


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