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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sing it loud!!!!!

Here's my silly Saturday Night Post! I was just over at Emily's Blog and she had made a funky cassette tape for her readers, so I decided to be a copycat and pass it on to all of You too! You can make your own here at the Cassette Generator Factory!!! It reminds me of the mid nineties, driving to uni in my Yellow Datsun 180b ( called Ernie!, I had an Ernie from Sesame St glued on the dashboard), singing at the top of my voice to tapes, blaring music out the window, the car full of art stuff and window dressing props and mannequin body parts on all the seats and in the boot! Oh what a sight that would have been to see! Ernie went to heaven after a crash unfortunately, he was a great car, I have very fond memories of him! My husband and I still have boxes of tapes in our shed, I must go treasure hunting out their tomorrow and see what rock n' roll wonderfulness I can find! I seem to recall an eclectic mix ...Pearl Jam, Crowded House, Nirvana, Soundgarden , Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, U2, the Cure and many more from that era of my life! What were you listening to?


At 7:41 AM, Blogger jungle dream pagoda said...

I'm afraid I still listento the same things...Cocteau Twins,Kate Bush,and ofcourse (geeky admission)Barbra Streisand


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