f the butterfly collector: June 2006

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Friday, June 30, 2006

whispers from the wall...at the grand ball

...Lady Charlotte watched the couples dance from the side of the ballroom, they waltzed with ease around the room, often changing partners. The room was a magnificent sight with velvet curtains, a grand orchestra on a golden stage, grand glittering chandeliers, ornate framed mirrors, oil paintings of the masters and the most beautiful ballgowns she had ever seen.
She also hoped it would only be a matter of moments before he noticed her, the Count was enjoying dancing with a elegant red head in a strapless full green gown. Tonight was the night that she would make him hers! She knew that he would finally see that she was the only real grand masterpiece in the entire room...

A Mixed Media Collage by the Butterfly Collector. I used lots of things that had been lying around begging to be used for this piece including stamps, fine glitter, ripped papers ( I love ripping paper for my art ) mount board,feathers, fabric, ribbon, threaded beads, paint and pencil.
I have been very inspired today by heather's post about the candy store she possess for a work room. Beautiful colours, jars, fabrics and great ideas, I think it's time for a clean up around here in see through storage so I know where everything is!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A tale from the jewel box...My little birds

...Suddenly she turned a corner into a little curved alley way, we had left the busy cobbled street behind with it's bustling market place. It was time for an adventure, Nicole had decided. She had not traveled all this way to just wander the tired old tourist beaten tracks and here an opportunity had presented itself. It's time to get lost!, she thought.
She held onto us tightly for a moment,clutching in an anxious moment and then looking down at us she whispered "you two will help me find my way back, won't you?" Then she grinned at us and looked around her at the busy women passing by on their daily errands, she decided to follow one of them to see where she was led.
Turn and turn again, it seemed like they were inside a maze, she followed the older woman in her lovely patterned headscarf, little round body and worn shoes to the door of the most beautiful little bakery she had ever seen. Windows brimming with all kinds of breads and cakes and delicious treats. A scene from her childhood memories of reading Hansel and Gretel came to life as she followed the woman inside, eager for a treat, rewarded for taking a chance and we hoped for some leftover crumbs....

My little birds pendant from the personal collection of the Butterfly Collector and purchased from the gorgeous online store...Girls Made This.
We visited the bakery today, I find it very hard to walk past without buying anything. Hedgehogs are my favorite, yummy and chocolatey with biscuit bits!!!

Secrets from the dressing table...True romance

...Amelia walked up to the foot of the staircase and turned her face up to take in the beautiful, fairytale like arched doorways of the ancient building they had come across on their moonlit walk. Her perfectly manicured hand lifted me up to his face and I had the chance to look deep into his sparkling green eyes and I could tell in that moment that he was in love with her. As she moved me to his back in their embrace, I knew that I could finally be sure of his intentions for her....

Art Nouveau Style Ring from the personal collection of the Butterfly Collector. A present from my father many years ago that gets worn out quite often!

Wow, that one was a bit Mills and Boon ! I added a link in here to a castle I visited in Wales where my cousin lives, just like walking through a fairy tale !!! And I have just been to the library and borrowed all these fabulous books on Art Nouveau style and discovered a whole world of beautiful artworks and artists, very inspiring. I am working on some illustrations in this style and will post them soon!
Has anyone got a favorite artwork or artist in this style too?
Also lots of baby news this week in my world, I need to go out and spend up big on some booties now!!! And congratulations over at Loobylu for the new arrival in their family!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

whispers from the walls ...orange blossom bird

..she stands in front of me each morning, emerging from her bedroom in her lilac robe that falls to her ankles and sky blue night gown underneath, her slippers make a soft sound as they pad towards me. "Good Morning Orange Blossom Bird" she says as she blows a kiss my way and winks,"it's going to be a wonderful day!" I wish I could go with her on her wanderings and see where she goes and who she meets, I wonder about this all day until she comes home with another greeting and tells me all about her adventures!...

I've just finished this painting and I am so excited to post it here as I don't get to finish many very often these days with my little one running around! He is drawing with crayons and loves to use my paintbrushes to paint with water, but I have to keep him away from so many of my art things. I so wish I could sew too, but it's too hard with little fingers getting in to everything, maybe one day soon I can start again!
I'm trying to imagine what kind of room my Orange Blossom Bird might end up in, I hope he gets blown kisses everyday! He will be for sale soon in the Madame Butterfly Gallery.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

a tale from the jewel box ...pearl

...Claire fastened me to the highnecked collar of her black satin blouse, just above a covered button.She took one last look in the mirror to check her blush and then placed the large wide brimmed hat onto her head. It was decorated with ostrich feathers and half covered her face.It made her look mysterious, alluring, men and women would stare later that day to try and get a better glimpse of the beautiful face underneath.
Her cream leather heeled,button up boots click-clacked down the hallway and she stepped out into the street and into the sunshine."Good Morning Miss" said her driver as he opened the door to her carriage, took her hand and helped her to step up and inside. "Good Morning Louis"she replied with a smile.
Nicholas was waiting for her, seated and winding his pocket watch, I noted I was in fine company with his dandy cravat, top hat and tails. He was more handsome than ever, Claire noticed too!...

An heirloom handed down to me from my Grandmother, a very stylish dresser and dressmaker! From the personal collection of the butterfly collector.
Also a tribute to an amazing author...Jennifer Donnelly whose novel The Tea Rose had me enthralled for days as I read about 1880's London and the adventures of her tea merchant heroine,thrilling,charming, seductive and unputdownable, a must read!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

confession from the jewell box ...amber and amethyst

...Eva sat and stared into the beautifully carved wooden jewellery box that sat atop her mirrored dressing table. It was embellished with tiny exotic birds and had a deep plush satin lining. It was a wonderful place to live, but I longed to venture out into the big exciting world once more!
"So pick me " I cried as she carefully picked up an antique Rose coloured brooch. "Noooo,not that old maid,she's been out twice this week already,it's my turn" I wailed.
And as if she heard my protest, Rose was placed back into her satin bed and I was proudly lifted up to my owner's sight. A small smile formed on her scarlett lips, "Your perfect!"Eva exclaimed and I was added to the lapel of her black velvet winter jacket,next to her lovely amber beads and taken out to a luscious lunch with the girls!

Amethyst and black glass brooch and Amber bead necklace ( bought at a thrift store for $1, I get comments on how lovely they are each time I wear them! ) both from the personal collection of the butterfly collector.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

dressing table fable...fly away

..."oh darling!"Claudia exclaimed"it's wonderful to see you". A perfect pout was formed and placed firmly on his cheek, it left a rose red stain.As we were brushed against his neck we took in his fresh aftershave, smooth face and impeccable suit. He smiled,took her in his arms and spun her around.
"you"re late, and we need to make up for lost time, the band are already half way through their first set!" He took her firmly by the hand and led her on to the dance floor, where her red cocktail dress sashayed, her blonde tresses shone and we flew through the air all night !
Vintage Style Golden Butterflies Necklace and Earrings set available soon in the Boutique of the Madame Butterfly Gallery!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

tale from the jewell box...jealous streak

jealous streak
Originally uploaded by the butterfly collector.

...entering the powder room,Clara went immediately to the grand oval mirror and sat down before it on a small plump red brocade covered stool ,complete with golden tassels as a skirt for it's elaborate four metal legs!
She checked her shoes to make sure they were still perfectly polished. She adjusted,then admired the
black lacy tights she had bought on her lunch break earlier that day.
We caught a glimpse of our gorgeous green sparkles in the mirror as she formed a quick pout for the mirror and then delved into her luxurious jade velvet handbag searching for her deep crimson lipstick.
"So she wants to play games, well she's no match for me!"Clara thought as she carefully applied the colour to her lips.There was no way that floosy was going to get away with flirting with her Edward once more! She stood,turned on her heel and strode out the door with passion,ready to fight for her man.

gorgeous green sparkles from the personal collection of the butterfly collector.

Friday, June 09, 2006

candour in the china cabinet...tea party

..."I have just been placed back in the parlour by Geeves,cleaned and polished, to sit alongside the other grand ladies in this great extravaganza of cavernous white wood ,glassed doored, overt piece the inhabitants here call the china cabinet!"
"It has been my home for many a year now and whilst it is comfortable, it is very hard to catch up on some quiet time to ones self with all the gossip that continually spills out onto these shelves...
I have just attended an Afternoon Tea Party in the gardens here on the estate ,where Miss Eliza in all her white lace finery rose from her seat and informed all the dames present in an excited squeal that she was expecting her first born to her husband, Mr Nicholas".
"Scone Crumbs spilled from my tiers and landed in the jam and cream, as I reeled at the scandal within our walls, you see sweet Miss Eliza had been caught only days before by the Sugar and Creamer Set canoodling in the dining room with Master Travers, the groundsman's son".
"Should I tell the others now I thought or save it for later? What a commotion this will cause!"...

Tiered Cake Platter, a recent thrift shop find and now in the personal collection of
the butterfly collector. This gorgeous number will be soon be making another Tea Party
special appearance at my sister's upcoming baby shower!