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Friday, December 08, 2006

Today i wanted to show off what my mum made for Drew for his birthday last week!
She made him a ZOO! He loves it and I thought I would share it for all of those of you who would like to make one for your kids or with your kids!!!

First she took a storage box and covered the ouside of it in animal fabric! Then she lined the inside in a plain fabric and cut out fabric and felt pieces to create trees, roads, entrances, ponds and walkways!

She went shopping in Toy shops and 2 dollar shops and found some mini trees and fabulous animals!

She also bought some mesh and glossy cardboard gift boxes and turned them into an aquarium, a shop and enclosures and pools for the animals!

Andrew thinks its great and I know a secret too!, Mum is making him a farm too for Christmas!

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