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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Birds of Paradise !!!

I came across this Divine photo in Sunday's newspaper of Hillary Swank with the most Wonderful hair! I just love it! It makes me want to draw more glamorous girls, with Big hair! She's signed a multi million dollar contract with Guerlain to be the face of their new Perfume called Insolence ! Strange name, but I'm intrigued to find out what it smells like!
Also had fun listening to another Divine being, Tori Amos while I created this new Collage... Bird Of Paradise for one of my visual diarys! It's quite a dark one for me, black background and all! It includes little embroidered flowers, threads, feathers,painted paper, tissue, lots of wonderful ripped paper of all kinds ... I love to use ripped paper and a fabulous Peacock print! I have been creating these diary's for quite a long time! They include favorite pictures I couldn't be parted with from magazines, cards and letters sent to me, stamps, movie and theatre tickets, beautiful wrappers and tags from products, ideas for paintings and projects, brochures and postcards from great places we've visited! I guess it's kind of Arty scrapbooking! It's my way of relaxing and making something fun to keep while watching the Teev! These diary's have become a record of my life and there are too many of them, but I love making them!
INSPIRE ME CREATIVE TIP OF TODAY ... Collect some things over the next few weeks from your everyday life...ie ... tickets, postcards, magazine pictures you love,gift cards, threads, buttons, a picture your child drew, feathers , paper, lolly wrappers ,a drawing you've made. And create a wonderful Collage Page or Book to celebrate Your September!


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