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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Madame Butterfly ... We Want YOU!

Happy Sunday Morning to All!
Just thought I'd let everyone know I'm having a competition at Madame Butterfly on the Afternoon Tea Page to win a MB Glamour Pack which will include some gorgeous goodies from the Boutique! We are looking for some interesting entries, so enter those crazy addictions now
before the end of the month!
I'm also putting the call out for Submissions for the site! We are looking for arty/crafty people to write us some fun and simple Tutorials for the Creative Cabinet. Have a peek at the one that is in the Sept Issue right now ... Project Paper Blossom ( pictured above)! We need a simple , clearly written, fun project ...it could be paper, sewing, arty, or any kind of craft with some great photos to show off of it being made and the finished product!
And we are looking for some budding writers to put pen to paper and write some interesting articles that wll appeal to women ( for Afternoon Tea!) or write a Review on something current you've seen, done or been to! For example a movie, music, a book, fashion show, a festival, an art or craft show ....????
Your Reward .... if we love it it will be published in the gallery and a little blurb about you will be included as well as links to your blog, shop,site !!!
Madame Butterfly is all about promoting Talented Real People and their wonderful works and ideas!
I'm looking forward to hearing from You ! Contact me at info@madamebutterflygallery.com.au


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