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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday School

Today I've taken a lovely ride in the car into the country all the way to the tiny town of Dean's Marsh. It's about a 15 minute drive up through the rainforest from Lorne on the Great Ocean Road! If you are a Victorian Aussie you'll know that Lorne is is a posh seaside town ith fabulous hotels and bed and breakfast's and lots of nice shops and restaurants! Anyway, Dean's Marsh is a hippie little town with a general store, a cafe and pub and the centre piece of the whole town ... the Sacred Moon Gallery!
It's a great old weatherboard church revamped into a cafe and gallery by an artist called Cinnamon. She is incredibly talented and makes sculptures, door handles, screens, window decorations, furniture and mosaics from steel, wire, old farm machinery bits, glass and loads of other bits and pieces. The place is fabulous with all handmade art and crafts from artists in the area and it also has a plant nusery and a bookshop too!
Anyway today I did a three hour silver clay workshop there with a silversmith. It was fun but fiddly to work with ( just like working with clay) and I made a pure silver butterfly wing pendant to bring home, finish polishing and add some beads and a chain to! I will show photos when I'm done, I promise!

So in it's place I've decided to show off this necklace I made on Friday night whilst watching Being John Malcovich on Teev! ( great movie, five stars from me!!!). This is only my second attempt at making jewellery and I'm learning a lot along the way already! I think this one is going to a girlfriend of mine for Christmas. She's a bit of a hippie chick and it's turned out very summery too!

And my apologies to any of you trying to access Madame Butterfly tonight. We are having a little bit of work done on it and it may not display until tomorrow if you click over there. Hopefully will all be done in the morning and I can set about posting this week's great things on the site!



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