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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

a hard week!

This week has started as a bit of a struggle. We have had a close family friend die, which has been hard. I just can't seem to think straight or get organised for anything. When that happens and suddenly too, it really makes you think about the fact that we are not here forever and think about what you realy want to do with your life!
I accidently missed Andrew's two year old health check up at our maternal health centre and now have to wait until January. I am cleaning like mad as we have a house inspection this week and I want it to be spotless, they will probably not even notice, but you know! And I can't seem to make it to playgroup because Drew is always asleep when it is on. I miss all the girls and the kids too!
On good notes though, I had my first weigh in and measure at the Gym and have seen results already after three weeks which is great! The house inspection has made me think about having a serious spring clean ... maybe it's time to get rid of my hoards of paper and magazines. I also started a mini garage sale on ebay too! And I found this gorgeous picture above in a recent mag. It's a rack that's been especially built to show of gorgeous books! I aspire to own one of these one day! I'd love one for Drew too!


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