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Thursday, November 02, 2006

stationary feats and pink galore!!!

I've been a busy bee ( or maybe that should be a busy butterfly?) making so many gift tags for Madame Butterfly in the last few days, they run out so quickly! I should probably get some printed but I like to make them and it's nice to have something handmade to send in the mail!
And these are the other project I've been busily working on. Party Favors to go in showbags for a cocktail party promoting a hairdressing salon! It is great to be able to add a little promo for the website to all the bags and I hope all their clients love them! Some have bracelets, others have necklaces and more still have earrings! I have over a hundred to finish and have been madly wrapping them while my little one is asleep. And see the little pink baskets they are sitting in, I love them! I bought quite a few of them for my desk from an office supply store and they have been very handy for sorting little things. This whole room is being taken over by PINK! and a bit of orange too!

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