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Monday, October 23, 2006

A new week and a new Background!

Lamington's are our recipe for the week on the Afternoon Tea page in the Madame Butterfly Gallery! I thought we should include this very Aussie and delicious treat that I have eaten since I was very small and they are not very hard to make either! We've also updated all the other sections for the week too ... A new fairytale and a trip to the Beauty Cabinet in the Dressing Table Section. There's a new "Creative Type" Interview with fabulous crafter Little Miss Meshell and new projects in the Creative Cabinet too! And new fun updates everyday! We are hoping to inspire you into Creative Action!!!! Check them out !

We had a busy weekend! But I did manage to get this background painted! I actually like it so much that I don't really want to paint on top of it now! I also ordered my first books from Amazon on jewellery making, something I've always wanted to try and can't wait until they turn up!
We also visited a cute little seaside town near here and had lunch at the bakery. They make beautiful food, so we keep going back even though they seem to get something wrong every time! This time they overcharged us by $10, last two times they burnt my husbands crossiont. Drew got to play at the great playground there too and climbed his first tree with help from his Dad! He is getting more adventurous every day and insists on wearing gumboots everywhere!
We also had our car broken into and the stereo and one speaker and about 20 of our favorite cd's are missing! My husband is now walking around complaining that the heart and soul of our car has been ripped out! I hate the thought of replacing all those cd's, bad karma to those who know where they are right now! I probably won't be really upset until I go to put one of them on and it's gone!


At 9:23 PM, Blogger acoustitch said...

Hey! I found a gluten-free bakery in High St Thornbury near Westgarth Theatre! Guess what I got there? A Lamington! YAY They also had Hedgehog Slice and heaps of other desserts. It's called Silly-Yaks. I no longer have to suffer on my diet!x

At 9:58 AM, Blogger Shell said...

Bummer - I'd be distraught if someone stole the cd's from our car too! We *need* them! otherwise it sounds as though you had a good weekend.

That lamington is making me hungry.


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