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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a wandering!

This week I wrote a little project in Madame Butterfly about going for a walk in your own Neighbourhood and finding something new and wonderful you've never noticed before!
I actually walk a lot around mine ( not having a car at the moment ) and I always try to walk down a street I've never visited before! I found these great berries on a tree recently and just fell in love with their colour! The photo doesn"t do them justice at all and I have no idea what they are! But they inspired me to go home and paint! And Drew is starting to explore and pick up interesting things too, so I am making up a little shadow box of the things he brings home for him to keep!
I've also been busy making up mini show bags for Madame B for guests at an upcoming cocktail party! They will all recieve a little something from the Gallery, lucky ducks!! Better get back to it, I have 100 to do!


At 8:50 PM, Blogger Joanne said...

Its amazing what can inspire you isn't it? I was inspired recently by some gorgeous coloured pebbles in a neighbour's garden - I thought it would make a great colour palette for one of the rooms at home so I pinched a couple! Sshhh!


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