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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

morrocan bird

I found this wonderful necklace over the weekend and fell in love instantly! It was destined to be mine ...it was on sale, it was gorgeous and it had Aqua on it too! I Love the bird and it reminds me of pictures of Morroco for some reason!
I actually ended up in a bead shop after that where I spent a small fortune as I've just completed a jewellery making course. ( I've also discovered that they're are lots of internet stores where you can buy the same things at a quarter of the price and quadruple the quantity!!!) But yet another hobby to add to my collection! The plan is to now make lots of gorgeous Chrismas presents for all the girls in my life! I've made two already, but they are sworn to secrecy until Dec 25th. I'll show you then!



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