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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today I thought I would show off my friend Alyssa's amazing necklaces. We are stocking some in the Madame Butterfly Gallery at the moment and I've made up some photo mosaics so we could show off some of the intricate details of them. I'm just so in love with the paua shell one below! Their are five in the Jewellery section of the Gallery if you want to see them all!

I also made mosaic's up of Nikkishell's fabulous craft rolls. They have 39 sewn in compartments so you can store all your craft tools like knitting needles, crochet hooks, paintbrushes and pencils. Roll them up and carry them safely wherever you go! I thought these would be a great idea for Christmas Presents. Very tempting when you own lots of crafty stuff like me!

I especially love the one below, such gorgeous fabric! I love the girls, their dresses and that bird is divine!
And last night I recieved an invite to visit the new Iggy and Lou Lou website which is amazing. The new collection s totally wonderful. The scenery is amazing, the music will make you think you've stepped in to the foest, a pirate ship or you are a damsel in distress. A lot of fun to be had over there, you must visit or I will throw you overboard! Ha HA, me hearties . One of their beautiful butterfly platter's is pictured below!

Oh yeah and I visited Emily this morning and she has been painting her walls now, have a look they are just wonderful. If I did this I think the landlord might kill us or screech with delight????

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