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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pencil Prettiness and my day off!

Last Saturday was AFL Grand Final Day here in Aussie Land! There were many excitable people about! But I wasn't excited about the Football, Oh No, I was excited because I decided it was about time I had the Day off!!!! My husband took care of Drew all day ( they had a Boys day!) and I got to go shopping!
I started out at my favorite Art store and had a great time browsing the giant wall of paper and couldn't resist buying even more watercolour pencils, I just love all the colours and their names too! I also bought this beautiful Anna Chandler Greeting card ( above).
I then wandered around in Our local Tea shop and bought some Red Green Vanilla Tea which has no caffeine and tastes delicious. I bought myself a Raspberry and Chocolate yoghurt and tried clothes on for the rest of the day and bought some great new summer tops, including this fab one above! It felt great to have a break by myself and I was extra excited to see the Boys when I got home! Every Mum deserves a day off sometimes!


At 11:30 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Sounds like you had a fab time.... fantastic! I love to wonder through arty shops at my own pace and browse the day away. I need some new art pens for illustrating... must be white gel pens... can't find them anywhere... grrrrr!
Have an awesome day tomorrow.
Nicole xox.

At 3:15 AM, Anonymous lia said...

oh, that day sounds dreaaaammmy! (an yummy!) my fave places to go too. love the tea shop stop....what a great name for the tea also. I love anything vanilla. You are right, we all deserve a day off. good for you to do so! I did not do when kids were younger and I so regret. it's great to enjoy that and I need to do that more often even now. (although I do get to play quite a bit now that the kids are in school. I prob. would not have made it out of art store though. I lose all track of time there. xxoo Lia


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